A Big Thank You 2015….. It was a great year for me….. What was yours ????

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A Big Thank You 2015….. It was a great year for me….. What was yours ????

Since last few days I am trying to understand views from different type of individuals how was the year 2015. But surprisingly many cant realised, what to say, very casually many said it was just good, but most of the people was unhappy & complaining.

Life is mixed package of sweet and sour, happiness and sorrow, success and failure…. but it depends on an individual how he/she is reacting to it. One should make failures as the stepping stone of the success, rather live with complains & regrets.

When I reviewed whole year…. every time I felt with deep appreciation and gratitude to my family, friends, neighbors, society even to Government. A sense of happiness and fulfilment flows to my heart and I sincerely bowed and thank you to all of them who helped me to grow, through my earnest prayer.

My mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda says:

“People whose hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation are truly beautiful. A humble heart is the wellspring of great growth and development.”

One of my 2015 determinations was to make lots of friends… that I achieved and made around thousands of friends. I believe it happened due to a great revolution happened within me. Some body through Facebook and some Face to Face.. but overall it was a great achievement. This year 2016 I want meet all my friends face to face whom I met through social media and emails just to forge a heart to heart bond.

To living happily is the birth right of all living beings, but it should not superficially, It should not partially and even it should not relatively. There is nothing in this world who gives you indestructible happiness till you don’t want. One has to achieve himself. This is the secret of happiness.

My mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda says about Happiness…..

“Happiness is to be found within your own life, in your thoughts at this very moment. You yourself are most noble and precious. You have no need to be envious of anyone or to long for far-off things.”

He also says……

 “Happiness is not a life without worries or struggles. Happiness is the robust sense of fulfilment one feels when bravely confronting hardship. It is that elevation of the spirit, like an airplane gaining lift from the air resistance against its wings.”


Wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Thanks & Regards



Mahesh Barik

Mahesh Barik

I am a born traveler..... travelling is my passion. I unconditionally love to have my bag packed and carry in my back, walk on streets, hilly slopes. It gives me happiness, Joy and sense of fulfillment . I always suggest friends do not to waste precious time world is waiting for your... Pack your Bag.... Tighten your laces and Live your life Now.... and Ever... The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

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