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6 beautiful destinations of Odisha will make your next trip memorable…. Part-1

BHUBANESWAR: Bhubaneswar is  one of the important tourist destinations of Eastern India. It is known as ‘Temple City of India’ there are thousands of temples in Bhubaneswar includes Lingaraj, Mukteswar, Rajarani, Ananta Basudev, Kedar Gouri, Baitala Deula Temples are famous. Bhubaneswar is an architectural heritage city, proudly possess magnificent sculptures and & temples with history of 1000years. There are […]

Do you know “Samba Dashmi” Puja to Sun God helps to gain good health & well being.

Samba Dashami is an unique festival or ritual observed in the Indian state of Odisha. According to Odia Calender this festival celebrated on the 10th day of the Sukla Paksha of Pausha Masa. On this occasion odia mothers observe a puja dedicated to Lord Surya for the good health and long life of their children. […]

These mouth watering Non Veg foods, you must taste while in Odisha

ROHI MACHHA TARKARI (Rohi Fish Curry) ILISHI MACHHA TARKARI (Hilsha Fish Curry) GOTA MACHHA TARKARI (Whole Fish Curry)  ILISHI MACHHA SORISHA BATANA (Hilsha Fish Curry cooked with mustard seeds ) CHUNNA MACHHA CHURCHURA (Dry Small Fish Curry ) POI CHINGUDI (Poi with Prawn) KANKADA JHOLA (Crab Curry) CHINGUDI JHOLA (Prawn Curry) MAATI HANDI MANASHA (Mutton Curry cooked in earthen pots) MACHHA BIHANA […]