Regional Foods

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These mouth watering Non Veg foods, you must taste while in Odisha

ROHI MACHHA TARKARI (Rohi Fish Curry) ILISHI MACHHA TARKARI (Hilsha Fish Curry) GOTA MACHHA TARKARI (Whole Fish Curry)  ILISHI MACHHA SORISHA BATANA (Hilsha Fish Curry cooked with mustard seeds ) CHUNNA MACHHA CHURCHURA (Dry Small Fish Curry ) POI CHINGUDI (Poi with Prawn) KANKADA JHOLA (Crab Curry) CHINGUDI JHOLA (Prawn Curry) MAATI HANDI MANASHA (Mutton Curry cooked in earthen pots) MACHHA BIHANA […]

These ODIA FOODS, Odia Cusins, Odia Street Foods are world famous only in ODISHA

ODISHA is the state where the Lord of Universe resided to have food and serve foods of different varieties and huge quantity, so as the people are also very foodie by nature and quantity as well. Thats why Odisha has a culinary tradition spanning centuries. Oriya dishes are rich and varied and made from local […]