Do you know “Samba Dashmi” Puja to Sun God helps to gain good health & well being.

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Indian Hindu devoteeS offers prayers to the sun during The Chhath on the banks of the Hussain sagar lake in Hyderabad on October 24, 2009.The Chhath festival is also known as Surya Pooja(worshipping of the sun) is observed in the eastern part of India,where homage is paid to the sun and water Gods eights days after Diwali,the festival of lights.Chhath festival devotees undergo a fast and offer water,milk and fruits to the Sun God at dawn and dusk.AFP PHOTO / Noah SEELAM (Photo credit should read NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images)
Kakara Pitha
Enduli Pitha
Samba Dashami Puja1

Do you know “Samba Dashmi” Puja to Sun God helps to gain good health & well being.

Samba Dashami is an unique festival or ritual observed in the Indian state of Odisha. According to Odia Calender this festival celebrated on the 10th day of the Sukla Paksha of Pausha Masa. On this occasion odia mothers observe a puja dedicated to Lord Surya for the good health and long life of their children. As a offering to Sun God, they prepare delicious foods likes sweets like Khiri, Rasagola, Jhilli, Chhenagaja, Curd, Malpua, Rasabali, Rasmalai, Pithas (Rice Cakes) like Manda, Kakara, Enduri, Arisha, Biri Ladoo, Chunchipatara, Chakuli, Poda, and other items like Makar Chaula, Chhenaguda, Dhanu Muaan, Khichdi, Puli, Tarkari (curry) and sincerely offer to the Sun god in the name of each member of the family, especially children.


As per legend, Samba, son of Lord Krishna, was afflicted by leprosy and was cured by the Sun God Surya after 12 years of penance near Konark. On this day, mothers pray to Surya for good health of their children. Afternoon, a bowl of turmeric water with betel along with all delicious offerings on a huge brass plate to Sun God offer near Holy Basil Planted Temple (Chanhura). It’s a tradition Chanhura (Holy Basil Planted Temple) situated on the entrance of each and every Odia house. Mothers of the family view the Sun God through the bowl of turmeric water and offer all the dishes. They whole heartedly read the ‘Samba Dasami Brata Katha’ and pray for the good health of all family members. In the evening, another Puja is observed as a part of the Samba Dasami ritual. This is ‘Mahakala Puja’, in which special Budha Chakuli along with a mixed curry made with fish is offered to Yama Raja again for the long life and wellbeing of all family members.


There are 13 Festivals and fasting observed in 12 months in Odisha as per Jagannath as well as Biraja Panjika followed in Odisha State. Each and every festival has a social significance, importance and logic behind. Now in this Robotic era many people thoughts its only blind belief. But think about hundreds years back how was our ancestors, how brainy, how powerful they were. Our Indian culture is so rich and so logical we should follow without any doubt.